Nature trails

The Tourist office of Saint-Cast le Guildo offers two "nature" outings.

Spring tide outing 

The Tourist office offers guided outings to discover the profession of shellfish farmer, at each high tidal coefficient (duration: about 2h30). After a guided walk among the mussel beds and oyster parks, you will meet a producer and learn about all the stages of shellfish life, from their birth to their sale. The visit ends with an oyster tasting session.

Shellfish picking & discovery of the foreshore 

Uncover the secrets of the tide mark, the foreshore, and seaside inhabitants. This family outing by the seaside allies conviviality, practical experience and techniques to adopt to preserve this sensitive environment. Out of respect for the environment, all species observed or fished during the visit will be released (duration: 1h30 to 2h).

Learn about the schedule of these outings :