beach tents and cabins

Beach tents & huts are emblematic of seaside resorts

In Saint-Cast le Guildo, beach tents and huts are only located on the main beach. They were established at the beginning of the XXth century for several reasons:

  • protect the customers from the sun and the wind,
  • share a snack with family and friends,
  • get dressed/undressed and put on bathing suits

When the town was reorganised in the 1930s to become a more modern resort, the beach huts were incorporated to the Boulevard de la Mer along the main beach. Today, it is still possible to rent beach huts.

You may do so by contacting the town hall of Saint-Cast le Guildo (tel: +33 (0)2 96 41 81 18).

You may find on the far-right hand side of the main beach, facing former Hotel Ar Vro, wooden beach huts, identical to those installed at the beginning of the XXth century.
On the far-left side of the main beach, you can rent blue and white-striped beach tents. To rent beach tents, contact RDT at 06 62 23 90 88.