Shellfish picking

Saint-Cast le Guildo, surrounded by two bays, is a privileged spot for shellfish picking.

During high tidal coefficients, many tourists forage the foreshore searching for cockles, clams, worms...


Regulated zones:
It is prohibited to pick burrowing shellfish in the Bay of Fresnaye.
Fishing and picking shellfish for fun are prohibited within the port by prefectoral decree dated April 12, 2000.
The Bay of Arguenon & is a site where shellfish picking is tolerated.
The foreshore is the area between the water level at high tide and water level at low tide. This is the area for shellfish picking. It is part of the maritime public domain and thus, accessible to all.
To ensure a good future for shellfish picking, it is mandatory to preserve this environment by respecting a few basic rules:

  • Reposition the stones you turn over to their initial position
  • No littering on the foreshore
  • Respect other users
  • Respect professional infrastructures (15 m from mussel beds)
  • Take what you need for your personal consumption, only take what will be consumed.
  • Comply with minimal regulatory sizes.


Get information about the regulation, ask for our brochure "A responsible shellfish picker" at the Tourist office.

In order to help you comply with minimal regulatory sizes of all shellfish and seashell, a 3.00€ sliding calliper is on sale at the Tourist office.


Uncover the secrets of the tide mark, the foreshore, and seaside inhabitants, with the "Shellfish picking" outings offered by the Tourist office