Our guided tours...

The tourist office sets up individual and group visits all along the year which will allow you to discover St Cast's natural and patrimonial wealth.

Spring tide tours

We organise accompanied tours in order to discover shellfish farming as a job with a high tidal coefficient (duration: more or less 2.30 hours)
After a ramble surrounded with pilings and mussel beds, we will take you to a producer's to discover the different stages of a shell's life, from their birth to their commercialisation. The tour comes to an end with a tasting of oysters.
Shellfish picking tour
Do you want to learn more about the foreshore and the seaside inhabitants? This tour combines conviviality, practical application and advice to do the right things in order to protect the seaside, which is a fragile system. For environmental reasons we will release every species observed of fished during the outing. (duration: from 1.30 to 2 hours)
Guided tour of St Cast: the birth of a seaside resort
All along Boulevard de la Mer, the guide will explain to you the reasons why St Cast became a must-see place from the start of the 20th century, it birth and its rise. Throughout the tour you will enjoy the villas, buildings and architectural elements which are the main elements of a vintage seaside resort. Thanks to iconographical documents the guide will set you back 100 years so that you can imagine the atmosphere during the Belle Epoque in the Emerauld Coast.  (duration: more or less 1.30- the tour is entirely on foot)
2016 Innovation: Familial tour in St Cast, the seaside resort told to the children
What is a bathing costume? What were the beach huts used for? What did the children use to play at the start of the 20th century? What is a seaside resort? Marie will explain to the children how St Cast used to be while it was becoming a seaside resort. To liven up the outing the children will be given a small questionaire which the answers will be provided all along the walk.
St Cast le Guildo: the port and the Guildo Castle through the ages...
With a guide you will discover how Guildo's port, a great and former trade port which turned into a nice and charming one. You will learn more about the landscapes' evolution, through the buildings of different bridges and the crossing of the Northern Coastal Small Train. Eventually, you will walk towards Gilles de Bretagne Castle in order to discover its history made of twists and turns as well as its architecture. (duration: more or less 2.00- the tour is entirely on foot)
2016 innovation: a short visit
45minutes to know everything about Gilles de Bretagne Castle, its history made of twists and turns as well as its architecture.